Kuwagata is original magazine about my trip and favorites.

have hundreds of places where I want to visit and see in this world.
Just after I left my job in 2009, I made a solo journey all around Japan by car.
Visiting many places where I have desired to go for a long time was really impressed.
It was just beyond description. And I could feel the warmth of kindness from many people while traveling.
I wrote kuwagata because I would like to bring you such inspired stories.
I hope it would be some help when you go traveling.

I would love to continue visiting places for years to come.

Click the lines of contents, and you can see the photos. Have fun!


Travel book of Kansai



Special topics with my empty purse


05   The National Museum of Art Osaka/graf/TRACK

06   Expo'70 Commemorative Park

07   Ninna-ji

07   Kinkaku-ji/Ryoan-ji

09   Daitoku-ji/Koutouin

10   Recommended Shops

11   Afterword

13   my empty purse

14   About vocational training school

17   Making insect jelly

18   My treasure

19   Appendix

21   Request